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Smiling Is Infectious

Smiling is infectious
You catch it like the flu,
As someone smiled at me today
I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner
and someone saw me grin,
When he smiled I realised
I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile
then I realised its worth
a single – smile just like mine
could travel round the earth:
So, if you feel a smile begin
don’t leave it undetected,
Let’s start an epidemic quick
and get the world infected!

Amazing treatment from start to finish

“To Graham & All the team

I would like to thank you for all you have done – Amazing treatment from start to finish, I love my teeth – Big Smiles from now on”

Mark Hughes

I can now eat and smile with confidence…

“After loosing my front teeth in my early teens and having to wear a denture, my greatest wish was to have my own teeth and not to have to wear a denture, which I always hated.

I thought this was a wish that could never be fulfilled, until I heard about Implants. I have now got back my own teeth after more than fifty years. I can now eat and smile with confidence. Thanks to Mr Magee and his team. It is a wish come true. .”

Ramona Edwards

I am so much more confident and self assured…

“Having had a denture for many years Dental Implants have changed the quality of my life.

I am so much more confident and self assured. My teeth feel and look so natural that mixing socially and dining with family and friends is now a real pleasure.

It’s little things that make such a difference as on one occasion recently, when dining out. The waiter approached with a basket of rolls and said “only poppy seed rolls left – is that alright?” I TOOK ONE! ”

Joan Brookbank

Hand written testimonials

Below are some of the letters and cards we have received from our lovely patients